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Dear PTA Leaders,

Over the last four years, the California State PTA has been working closely with our insurance broker, Association Insurance Management (AIM), to make it easier for you to turn in your PTA insurance paperwork and payments directly to AIM rather than having to go through your council and/or district. 

Your president and treasurer will be receiving an email from AIM the insurance broker sometime between September 30th and October 3rd with a link to fill out an online form followed by an email from ASSOCIATION INSURANCE MGT <> that includes the payment link for the general liability insurance premium. In the meantime, please refer to the webinar and FAQs available on our California State PTA insurance webpage for more information at:

The premium for the 2023 year for a Unit PTA is $272.00, and the Council PTA or District PTA premium is $188.00. You may pay either by ACH transfer from your PTA’s bank account or you may write a check and send it directly to AIM at the address provided. The form and the payment are due to AIM NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 20, 2022 or late fees will apply.

If you purchase additional insurance on top of the standard amount, you must contact AIM for the renewal information after the payment window opens in October.

The workers’ compensation form will continue to be filled out through the AIM portal between December 15 and January 31 as it has been for the last two years. This link will come as a separate email from CA State PTA in December.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of California’s kids!



Laura Ann Hawk-Loya
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Frequently Used 



Starting this fall, ALL insurance payments must be made directly to our insurance broker AIM (Association Insurance Management, Inc).





Insurance premiums for 2022-23 are $272 for units and $188 for councils.  

You will receive an email with a link to fill out your insurance information. After you have submitted the form, you will receive an invoice that allows you to pay either by ACH online payment through your PTA’s bank account OR to print the invoice and mail a check directly to the insurance company.

The insurance window will open in Mid-October and all insurance payments are still due no later than December 1st or late fees will apply.

More information can be found on the California State PTA Insurance page.

Insurance Coverage


California State PTA is committed to ensuring you have the best possible insurance coverage and service to protect your unit and your members. The 2022 Insurance Guide is here!  Download the 2022 guide here to learn more about how California State PTA-provided insurance protects your PTA.

California State PTA is committed to ensuring you have the best possible insurance coverage and service to protect your unit and your members. Our insurance broker is AIM (Association Insurance Management Inc.), who works to ensure that our PTAs are receiving the best coverage for their premium costs.


Coverage features include:

  • Broad coverage for events without the need for underwriting or additional premium on a case-by-case basis

  • $1 million limit per PTA for Directors & Officers coverage

  • Under General Liability, fire damage coverage of $1 million

  • No to low deductibles on all included coverages

  • Additional activities such as certain types of inflatables, bounce houses and carnivals are included in the standard coverage; however, please consult and follow California State PTA guidelines as outlined in the Toolkit and the Insurance Guide


The Insurance Guide is also available in Spanish here.


Have a question about your insurance? The Insurance Guide, FAQs, contact information for PTA’s insurance broker, and additional information can be found at

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