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MyPTEZ (previously known as PTAEZ) is an online accounting program specifically set up to handle PTA needs.

MyPTEZ generates financial reports customized for PTA, strengthens financial controls and procedures, ensures a smooth transition of records from year-to-year and helps you prepare tax filings.


MyPTEZ offers a simplified way to account for your funds and other organizational requirements through an easy-to-use online program. You don’t need to transfer all of your files or download software between computers from year to year, treasurer to treasurer.

The program features service representatives that speak the language of PTA who know the correct way to record and report your financial activity. With this unique program, you’re able to:


Easily record your transactions within a secure ledger program that can be accessed from any desktop or laptop computer with internet connectivity. You can record checks, receipts, deposits, and electronic transfers, and you can even print your actual checks with the system Manage budgets, fundraisers and programs, and generate reports to review your progress Broaden your fundraising reach with an integrated online store that is easy to set up – sell memberships and receive donations from friends and family not in your area


  • Send emails to individuals or groups with attachments

  • Provide limited access to others for viewing, or even provide functional capability to others within your account

  • Generate a variety of PTA-specific reports to include federal and California tax worksheets for tax form completion.


MyPTEZ Resources

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