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California State PTA Advocacy Goals

Advocate For

  • The expansion of quality preschool programs

  • Programs that promote the health and welfare of all children and families

  • Stable and sustainable public education funding comparable to the top ten states

  • A full curriculum for all students that includes P.E. and the arts

  • Legislation to reduce the effects of poverty on children and families


How PTA Advocates


  • PTA is a tax-exempt IRC 501(c)(3), non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-commercial organization.


  • PTA may take positions and advocate on public issues but not on candidates


  • Taking positions on candidates would jeopardize PTAs tax-exempt status


“PTA speaks up for all children and families to make a difference at the local, regional, state and national level.”


  • The National PTA takes positions and advocates on federal issues


  • California State PTA takes positions and advocates on California issues


  • District PTAs take positions on issues affecting their city and county


  • Unit PTAs may take positions on issues that affect their local community


Get Your Unit Involved

  • Place a Legislation Chair on your Unit Board

  • Review PTA position statements and resolutions

  • Take a position on a local ballot measure

  • Hold a candidate forum

  • Contact your legislators


Units must follow detailed procedures at each level (National, California, City, and neighborhood) to get approval to for the PTA to take a position and advocate on Public Issues.


       The required procedures can be found in the PTA ToolKit

       For more information refer to


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