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PTA Must Do’s to be a “Unit in Good Standing”

  1. To remain in good standing, a unit must:

  2. Adhere to the Purposes and basic policies of the National PTA and California State PTA;

  3. Have a minimum of 15 members including three officers: president, secretary, and treasurer;

  4. Remit per capita dues and pay insurance premiums by California State PTA due dates;

  5. File all required state (199/199N) and federal (990N/990EZ/990) tax returns, other government forms, and the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts report (RRF-1);

  6. Have Bylaws reviewed yearly and approved every five years according to the procedures of California State PTA (Bylaws for PTAs in California)

  7. Meet other criteria as may be prescribed by the California State PTA


Membership Enrollment

❏ Is an initial membership campaign held toward the beginning of the school year?
❏ Are continuing opportunities provided for parents and staff to join? (Membership is year-round.)
❏ Is membership per capita sent through channels at least monthly and by deadlines?


❏ Is an attendance record kept for all meetings?
❏ Are minutes kept for all meetings?
❏ Are all action items recorded, including approval of budget, all expenses and all fundraising activities?


❏ Are bylaws reviewed yearly and updated (sent through channels for approval) every two years?

Financial Procedures

❏ Are financial procedures in accordance with recommended PTA policies and procedures?
❏ Is the budget approved and actual revenues and expenditures compared at least quarterly?
❏ Is the insurance premium and the workers comp form/remittance sent in by deadline?
❏ Are all checks signed by two authorized officers? And are all expenditures properly authorized?

Treasurer’s Reports

❏ Are written reports presented/filed monthly? Are balances, receipts and disbursements recorded in the minutes each month?
❏ Is each check approved/ratified and listed?
❏ Are reports presented at both executive board and association meetings?


❏ Are audits prepared and adopted in accordance with the bylaws and PTA financial procedures?
❏ Are audits conducted at least twice a year? And whenever there is a change in check signers?

Annual Reports

❏ Are volunteer hours being recorded?
❏ Are annual reports filed by the deadline?


❏ Do members of the executive board work well together?
❏ Does the PTA attract and retain new leadership?
❏ Are new, qualified candidates nominated for office each year?
❏ Do leaders attend council/district PTA meetings and take advantage of training opportunities?
❏ Do leaders communicate effectively with members?

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