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18th District PTA Election Meeting

Hello PTA members from all around 18th District!

Presidents, please share with your members.

The 18th District PTA board did not have an election prior to the end of the school year. Since that did not occur, California State PTA will be running their election for them.

We are asking for you to attend a brief Zoom meeting to elect a board on September 19th at 6pm.

All nominations will be taken from the floor.

In accordance with the bylaws, in order to run for an elected office, a candidate must have been a member of the 18th District board in some capacity for a period of at least one year. In order to run for district president, you must fulfill that requirement and have either been a unit/council president or an 18th District officer.

If you wish to take on a position as a chairperson or other appointed position, please let us know so that we can give a list to the incoming board.

Thank you for your attendance!

Laura Ann Hawk-Loya Vice President for Leadership Services CALIFORNIA STATE PTA Join us. Visit us. Like us. Follow us.

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